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Pest Control Service in Maidstone & Kent

Whether you are having problems with rats and mice, fleas or bedbugs or seasonal problems with wasps or insects, Pest Purge will provide a solution.

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Pest Purge is a local family run pest control business based near Leeds Castle, midway between Maidstone and Ashford. This pest control business is set up to provide commercial, domestic and rural pest control services to the wider Kent community. We provide a high quality, personal service with fast response times, ensuring minimal disruption to your business or lifestyle.

Pest Control Kent

Pest Purge operates throughout Kent in all the major towns and villages, in particular Maidstone, the Medway Towns, Tonbridge, Ashford and Canterbury. We can respond to an emergency call out and are available seven days a week.

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Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Our mission statement which we are proud of is, ‘To provide pest control services with concern for the environment and safety paramount.’ Pest Purge will use the best ‘green’ solution when treating your pest problems. We always ensure that the professional insecticides, rodenticides and equipment that are used leave a minimal footprint on the environment, whilst maintaining your safety and without harming any non-target species.

Local Pest Control Service

Pest Purge serves local shops and businesses, offices, private homes, recreational and leisure businesses, rural farms and hotels, treating a wide range of common pests. We provide free practical advice, tips for alleviating problems, free surveys and guaranteed pricing. Whether you are having problems with rats and mice, fleas or bedbugs or seasonal problems with wasps or insects, Pest Purge will provide a solution.

Our aim is to make you feel secure in your home or workplaces. Pest Purge takes a flexible approach to business understanding the urgency of your particular pest problem and responding quickly are key to our success. We can offer single and multiple treatments, annual contracts to provide a comprehensive range of pest control services. Our clients include private homes, offices, shops, local authorities, letting agents, restaurants, farms, equestrian centres, vineyards and holiday parks.

Pest Purge offer professional pest control services by doing it right first time? We are so confident about providing the right solution with our single treatment services, if the problem reoccurs within 30 days in the same location, we will come back and deal with the pest problem for free.

For further information about any of our pest control services, contact Pest Purge on the number above or fill out our Pest Control Enquiry Form and we will contact you.

Where do we operate our Pest Control Service in Kent?

Pest Purge responds to pest problems throughout Kent; we cover all the major towns and far flung villages ranging from Dartford to Dover, Isle of Sheppey to Tunbridge Wells, Margate, Canterbury, Ashford and Maidstone. Travelling daily throughout Kent, if you are in the county you are on the Pest Purge radar, we will be pleased to hear from you.

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Annual Pest Control Contracts for Businesses and Home Owners

Pest Maintenance Peace of Mind

Commercial Pest Control – Pest Purge wants to keep you pest free. ?Whether you are a commercial business in the food or non-food sector or a private individual (home owner), we have contracts that are affordable, serviced regularly and designed around you. These will typically run for one year and can be renewed and extended at the end of that period. They are designed to be highly cost effective, working with you to maintain a pest free environment without unexpected costs.

Many of our commercial pest control business contracts begun with a single pest problem, but reviewing the situation often makes it more cost effective to have Pest Purge managing all your pest activity over an extended period. The same is true for private homeowners, a basic contract can be arranged where pest maintenance is managed throughout the year, managing the seasonal problems as they occur, whilst maintaining the frequency of visits that will keep you pest free.

A contract, as opposed to individual treatments for each pest situation, provides peace of mind. One charge with payments staged every six months means that you know you are covered for all eventualities whatever occurs. There are no hidden extras or items falling outside the agreement, all your pest problems, whether they are rodent, insect or mammal related, all are included.

If you have a pest problem and would like to find out more about our annual contract service, call Pest Purge for an immediate discussion, our annual contract is more affordable than you may think.

Our commercial clients and sectors:

Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Offices, Farms, Vineyards, Equestrian Centres, Schools, Nurseries, Local Authorities, Allotments, Care Homes, Sports Clubs, Churches, Industrial/Business Estates, Distilleries, Car Showrooms, Holiday Parks, Letting Agents, Housing Associations

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