Rat free cities...is it possible?

Well if you happen to live in Alberta, Canada you will notice a distinct shortage of rats. They have all been evicted, deported to Maidstone or systematically hunted down and executed. Not even a single trial was conducted. The rats have well and truly been slaughtered. The only exception to summary execution without trial was deportation to Maidstone aboard a slow boat. Work your passage and then best of British when you get there. Take your chances with a few grains of wheat in your pocket.

Alberta have successfully completed an aggressive 50 year pest control programme resulting in the province being rodent free. They estimate that they have saved $1 billion in property damage, livestock damage, human suffering and healthcare as well as lost and contaminated food.

Possession of an unlicensed rat is punishable by a hefty fine or jail sentence. Only zoos, hospitals and research labs are allowed to keep caged rats. No license, no rat!

So if you want a rat free lifestyle, free from Weil's disease, leptospirosis, hantavirus and bubonic plague get a flight to Alberta. Leave the rats in Maidstone and head off to Canada where the only pests you will see are noisy children out with their mum's tethered to their strollers, blissfully unaware of their soiled diapers and screaming for their pacifiers. It's not all bad though, plenty of white stuff in the winter time. Anyone for apr├ęs ski, yeahaaa!

Rat census, how many rats are there in the UK?

How many rats are there in Britain and is it true that we're never more than six feet away from one? For a long time it was estimated that there was one rat for every person in the UK. Urban myth or fact?

Dr Dave Cowan a wildlife leader at the Food and Environment Research Agency has estimated the following statistics. Rats are commensal (associated with human activities). He says that it is rare for rats to actually be inside our dwellings. Less than half a per cent, usually only a couple of rats. Around 3% of properties have rats present outside, so roughly 1.5 million rats in and around our homes. Rats also like hanging out in fashionable commercial properties, factories and shops. A survey suggests 5% of these have rats c200,000 in 1.8 million premises. Sewers are another favourite rat haunt. It is estimated that in the 16,000 square kilometres of pipework we have 5% occupied by rats. A count of 2000 rats per square kilometre of sewer means that there are about 1.6 million hanging out there and 3.3 million rats in urban environments. So a total of streetwise urban rats numbering 3-3.5 million.

Rats, like people, also like to have a place in the country, a rural retreat. Somewhere to head off to for the weekend. Rats have set up home in farms and around agricultural buildings. There are c200,000 of these des-res rat homes around the UK. 40% of them will have rats present, previous surveys have accurately estimated this to equate to 90 rats per farm, totalling 7 million rural rats. Therefore the total estimate for the UK is 10.5 million rats. Our present population give or take a few is 60 million, so we outnumber rats six to one, nowhere near the one to one often cited.

The maths for distance calculation is more rough and ready. First discount the rural rats because the phrase is really only used by city and town folk. Urban areas in the UK cover 16,000 square kilometres. If we distribute the 3.1 million urban rats evenly, each rat has a spacious 5000 square metres to scurry about in. So if you stand in an urban area you would be at most 164 feet away or (50 metres) from your nearest rat....not six feet!

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