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Ant Control Maidstone

There are many species of Ant living near to us. Mostly their nests will be in the garden. But as they forage around looking for food they sometimes enter our homes.

Most of us have seen trails of ants marching towards a food source; they leave a pheromone trail which the others can follow to find the food.

Common UK ants include the Garden ant and Pharohs ant but there are thousands of species.

Correct identification is key to selecting the right treatment as behaviour and characteristics vary considerably.

Pest Purge has experience of dealing with ants in homes and businesses.

Ant colonies can hold up to half a million ants, they will have a queen of the colony and she will control it.

You can spot them outside as a small spoil of soil is left raised above the ground, if disturbed you will see the ants rushing around below.

Some ants will live inside, choosing instead to make their home under the floor or inside a wall cavity.

Pest Purge uses modern ant gels to eradicate them, as they come into contact with the insecticide and transfer it to the rest of the colony, it will successfully remove them.

Also, traps can be placed outside with the gel in, attracting the ants through its sweet and palatable formulation.

Ants are very well travelled pests; they have even made it into space.

In 2014 they were sent up into space as part of a schools science project to see how their behaviour alters in micro-gravity; they were part of a resupply mission to the International Space Station. Not bad for an Ant!

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