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Bed Bug Control Raises Health Concerns

Bed bugs are becoming a really serious health issue and there is real concern for public safety. One of the reasons is the poor level of knowledge of a certain number of pest controllers who fail to follow the all so important, product Labelling and bed bugs chemical Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information that is provided free by the insecticide manufacturers who produce the chemicals we use to treat them. Before we discuss here are some bed bugs facts for the uninitiated: in the US the bed bugs population has increased 500% from 2006-2010, in the UK we are not far behind this and are facing a similar rate of growth. Bed bugs are three times higher in urban areas compared with rural areas. The bed bugs hatchlings (in the early nymph stages) can pass through the stich hole in a mattress and hide until they sense the body heat and CO2 exhaled when we breath, coming out to enjoy a blood feast! An adult female bed bug will lay c500 eggs in her lifetime. The concern for health surrounding bed bugs is because pesticides are being misused, some only approved for outdoor use are being used indoors?always read the label! The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention are alerting the public to the emerging national concern regarding the misuse of pesticides to treat infestations of bed bugs and other insects indoors. From 2006-2010 the National Pesticide Information Centre reported 169 calls, 129 of these resulted in mild or serious health effects (including one fatality), all because of bed bugs. These were as a direct result of using pesticides that were misapplied, not intended for indoor use or legally banned from use?.always read the label! When treating bed bugs Pest Purge always assess the pesticides that we use with regard to COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), a legal requirement, this must be carried out and also with regard to our application method statements. First and foremost to avoid any mistakes and to be clear about using a pesticide for bed bugs properly, thoroughly review the MSDS and the Label (these are your legal responsibility to avoid bed bugs causing you a costly mistake)?.always read the label! Bed bugs beware and pest controllers too!

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