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A message regarding Covid19

Pest Purge is safe during Covid19

Pest controllers have been given keyworker status by the UK government. You can read more about this here.

Pest Purge is still able to get rid of your household, garden, farm or premises pests – safely within COVID19 Government guidelines.

There is no need for physical contact – technology and working at a safe distance will allow me to work for you.

Whether you are reporting a new pest problem or you are in the process of treatment, work should still continue – particularly if the problem is distressing or critical and a matter for public health.

Here’s how I’m working safely for you:

Personal contact:

We can talk on the phone before I arrive and while I’m there, or with a distance between us on-site.

I can work in a different room to you when I am on site.

I will avoid physical and face to face contact with you, the client/homeowner, you can talk to me from a safe distance away if you would prefer.


I will be wearing enhanced PPE, gloves & respirator at all times.

Hands will be washed before and after visiting – I have hand sanitser gel in my vehicle.

Prior to attending I would ask if anyone is presently self-isolating in the home or on the premises.

I would need to know if there are there vulnerable people on-site.

If the visit is to a business I would ask my client if their staff are well on-site are their health records up to date.

Full care is being taken to ensure that I am not putting my clients or myself at risk and with distancing and hygiene, Pest Purge is available to you during the ongoing pandemic.