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Beetles & Cockroaches Pest Control

Beetles and cockroaches have been with us a long time, Spider Beetles and Dermestid beetles have been found by archaeologists to have been around in 1300BC.

Insects like cockroaches, beetles and weevils are great survivors. Many of them had adapted well beyond their original wild ancestors.

Grain beetles for example had lost their wings, a costly appendage. Unnecessary when you can simply ride from place to place in transported grain.

These insects are adaptable; many of them are classed as stored product insects, flour, grain and spider beetles, book lice, rice and grain weevils, larder and biscuit beetles, most are only tiny but if they are left untreated, they will soon burrow into the stored food and contaminate it.

Pest Purge is experienced at dealing with these more unusual pests. First we identify them under a microscope and then we will treat them with a modern insecticide.

We have cleared houses of cockroaches and again with these insects it is important to determine which species we are dealing with, the main ones are German, Oriental, Brown Banded and American. Cockroach treatments are lengthy as repeat visits are required, where careful baiting around the home is important in order to be successful.

Cockroach Health Risks

Cockroaches are a serious health risk as they come out from their hiding places at night to feed. They will easily climb up cupboards and onto work surfaces in search of crumbs and left over food. They will contaminate our kitchen and utensils as well as transferring disease; if they run around unchecked you may end up with a serious stomach complaint like salmonella, gastroenteritis or diarrhoea.

Detecting a Cockroach Infestation

To find out if you have them, go into the kitchen at night, switch on the light and if they are present you will likely see them scuttling away into a dark corner. They also have an odour about them, their droppings will be present (little black dots everywhere) and exoskeletons which they shed as they grow into adults.

To avoid these highly unsavoury pests, call in Pest Purge for an immediate free survey and quotation.

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