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Commercial Pest Control

We look after a number of commercial properties and businesses across the county, ensuring there isn’t a fly in the soup at restaurants, mice running across dining rooms or bed bugs biting guests.

Bars, restaurants and cafes live or die by their hygiene standards but rodents and insects love to visit for the free meals they find! Regular control is in place with many of our clients – some of which came to us after calling us out for an emergency first.

Hotels also want good reviews and people to come back – something bed bugs put a stop to, given half the chance. 
In businesses, we’re controlling pests in offices, on industrial estates, care homes and car showrooms, plus working with facilities managers in schools, nurseries, sports clubs, care homes and holiday parks.

Out rurally, pests like to make a nuisance of themselves at vineyards, equestrian centres, allotments and farms – and they can be damaging to both the premises and profits too!

The rolling countryside is home to deer, fox, badgers (protected species), moles, mink, rats and mice all living in close proximity to businesses in the rural villages and towns of the county.

Farms like us to come in regularly to keep on top of the ongoing pest problem – because you can’t usually get rid of them all; you can just keep ahead of them and control the numbers. Rabbits, foxes and moles are the biggest pests in the countryside.

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