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Common Pests Guide

Mozzies, the super pest

Did you know that worldwide 219 million people get malaria, 435,000 die from contracting it and 90% of those deaths are in Africa. Compared with 500 who die from hippo attacks, a 1000 from crocodiles and 25,000 by dogs. Don't mosquitos drive you mad whining and buzzing around your head, disturbing your sleep? The mozzie […]

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Do our insects have emotions? Would a mosquito feel sad if it saw its brother die?

We should consider several schools of thought on this. Firstly, insects do not behave in a way that suggests any kind of emotional life resembling that of humans. They have tiny simple brains and consequently a lot of their behaviour is produced by simple reflex responses to stimuli. Also, regarding the second question, this assumes […]

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Bees v Hornets

When a hornet attacks, bees know what to do. A few hundred workers swarm around the predator, roasting it alive with their body heat. The bees vibrate their wing muscles to generate temperatures of about 46 degrees centigrade (the normal hive temperature is 32 degrees centigrade). Hornets attack hives to carry off bees to eat. […]

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Wood boring pests at large in the UK

Recently the Royal Academy of Art accidentally imported an Asian longhorned beetle into the UK in a sculpture called the Tree. Tell tale signs of the beetle emerging from the artwork (beetle exit holes) were noticed by Prof Nicola Spence. This was a serious concern since Asian longhorn beetles can kill broad-leaved trees such as […]

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Wasps, Hornets & Bees Control and Nest Removal Maidstone

All three are seasonal insects, more common in the warm spring and summer months. Wasps, hornets and bees will emerge in the spring to start and colonise and build new nests. Many people think that they will use old nest sites again, this is not the case. The nest is only ever used for one […]

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Rat and Vermin Control Maidstone

These are some of the most common pests that Pest Purge is equipped to deal with. The main problems associated with them both at home and in businesses include damage to stock, wiring and electrics including structural damage to the building fabric and the key concern that everybody has is their potential to spread disease. […]

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Garden Mole Control

These small solitary creatures are a common garden and agricultural pest, popping up their mole hills as they tunnel around underground searching for food. Pest Purge is experienced at capturing moles, we trap them underground. Trapping Garden Moles The art of mole trapping is to know where and how to set the traps in order […]

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Squirrels Pest Control Maidstone

An agile pest that is often found invading loft spaces. A great climber, you may have seen them on your garden fence or on the roof of your house, be careful to keep a watchful eye out to make sure they are not getting inside. They will find a way, under a tile or by […]

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Fox Control Maidstone

These rural and urban pests are common throughout the country. Everywhere you go you will encounter foxes somewhere nearby. Pest Purge has contracts with farmers to remove them as well as working with homeowners who want them out of their gardens. We understand wildlife as we are experienced rural pest controllers. It is important to […]

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Rabbit Control

Pest purge are highly experienced in dealing with these rural pests, we can use a variety of traditional techniques, including, snaring, cage trapping, spring trapping, drop boxes, shooting and ferreting. All of these require special training and in the case of shooting, the legal authorisation to use a rifle which we have from Kent Police. […]

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