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Common Pests Guide

Beetles & Cockroaches Pest Control

Beetles and cockroaches have been with us a long time, Spider Beetles and Dermestid beetles have been found by archaeologists to have been around in 1300BC. Insects like cockroaches, beetles and weevils are great survivors. Many of them had adapted well beyond their original wild ancestors. Grain beetles for example had lost their wings, a […]

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Bed Bugs Pest Control

This is an adaptable and evolving insect, one that has been around for thousands of years since mankind started colonising the earth and living in groups. An insect which can be difficult to treat effectively. Pest Purge has a lot of experience dealing with bedbugs for home owners, letting agents and hoteliers. We are successful […]

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Ant Control Maidstone

There are many species of Ant living near to us. Mostly their nests will be in the garden. But as they forage around looking for food they sometimes enter our homes. Most of us have seen trails of ants marching towards a food source; they leave a pheromone trail which the others can follow to […]

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Rat surprise in restaurant

The headlines from a popular daily newspaper jumped out at me "Waiter there's a rat on my head" Pest drops on lady at top eaterie. It's shock and gnaw.? With a picture of a rat in the bottom corner poking his head out from his hiding place. How good is that, from a pest control […]

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Asian hornet update, coming to the UK soon!

Over the last two years there have been many scaremongering articles written about this insect and its imminent arrival in the UK. Most of these surrounding the insect's size, aggressive nature and potential danger to people. There have been a number of deaths in France, caused by anaphylactic shock. Let us consider some distinguishing features. […]

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The wasp and hornet season is almost upon us.

Once again we are starting to see wasps and hornets flying around, going about their business, nest making, pollinating and catching other insects. This is all fine until they want to join in with our BBQ's, the smell of sweet relish, cooked sausages and jugs of Pimms are all fair game for our yellow and […]

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Sharks and bedbugs making the news

Well it has been reported that the pest problems in Australia seem slightly larger than ours in the UK. The main reason for this is that currently there is a 15 feet long white shark, aka Jaws, swimming around in the waters off Newcastle, 100 miles north of Sydney. Unusually for a large predator such […]

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2015 moles in abundance

Well the pest season is off to a flying start and moles seem to be the main problem. Pest Purge are a traditional pest control company trapping moles humanely underground. My first six calls this year were all mole jobs in Charing heath, Lenham Heath, Tunstall, Rodmersham, Bearsted and Wychling. It seems that our common […]

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Bird Pests, seagulls like eating rubbish

Did you know that seagulls are starting to change their diets? Some seagulls that have been studied over many years have shifted their diet from their traditional fish to land based diets and less nutritious food. Basically this switch to eating rubbish from our landfill sites has increased as fish stocks in some areas have […]

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Rabbits galore, rare "blood moon" makes shooting fantastic

I was out last night on one of my regular evening shooting contracts, a large private estate in Kent with a 25 acre garden. The rabbits were out in substantial numbers for the amount of ground, I usually make several sweeps and bag about seven or eight. Last night was exceptional, the rabbits were out […]

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