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Common Pests Guide

Residential Pest Biodiversity - Meet The Lodgers

The German cockroach lives in buildings, cheek and jowl with us, outside it dies. African in origin it probably inhabited caves as many cockroach species do. It spread successfully around the globe following ancient man everywhere he went, being a pest and causing a nuisance. In the early 1990's, cockroach baits, attractive sugar treats laced […]

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Summertime hornets and wasps in abundance

The wasp and hornet season is getting underway. We are getting calls on a daily basis for the destruction of nuisance wasp and hornet nests. The main offender is the wasp as there are so many more species of these in England, some 250 different varieties most of which are solitary, but it is the […]

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Rat free it possible?

Well if you happen to live in Alberta, Canada you will notice a distinct shortage of rats. They have all been evicted, deported to Maidstone or systematically hunted down and executed. Not even a single trial was conducted. The rats have well and truly been slaughtered. The only exception to summary execution without trial was […]

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Rat census, how many rats are there in the UK?

How many rats are there in Britain and is it true that we're never more than six feet away from one? For a long time it was estimated that there was one rat for every person in the UK. Urban myth or fact? Dr Dave Cowan a wildlife leader at the Food and Environment Research […]

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Wasp & Hornet Season Hotting Up

Once again we are starting to see wasps and hornets flying around, going about their business, nest making, pollinating and catching other insects. All fine until they want to join in with our BBQ?s, the smell of sweet relish, cooked sausages and jugs of Pims are all fair game for our yellow and black jacketed […]

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What do wasps like to eat for breakfast?

Wasps like to eat other insects. One morning I watched a moth get eaten by a wasp. The moth had been attracted to the lights near our back door, it must have settled there and this then exposed it to predators at dawn, because once thier muscles have cooled at rest, they are unable to […]

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Honeybee trade threatens our wild pollinators!

Experts believe that honeybees have been busy spreading diseases to insects that pollinate crops. Apparently, imported honeybees are an important reservoir for viruses that kill wild pollinators, which could lead to a meltdown in the planet's pollination services. Our wild pollinators include bumblebees and solitary bees. Deformed wing virus (DWV) has been found in both […]

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Crazy ants use acid as venom antidote

Just when you thought it was safe to sit on the grass along come some crazy ants! The xenomorphs that were so successful in Alien have nothing on tawny crazy ants. These ants are mad, they even attack fire ants (though fire ant venom can kill small animals). Tawny crazy ants have a nifty way […]

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Ants in space

This week saw the first ants in orbit. They travelled on a commercial Cygnus craft and docked with the orbiting International Space Station. The ant farm safely made its way to the six astronaughts eagerly awaiting their arrival. Cygnus was an unpiloted flight operated by Orbital Sciences of Dulles. As well as transporting the first […]

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Two winged trouble, flies can be a problem waiting to happen

Summertime seems a far distant cry, but have you noticed the odd fly is still bombing around, not keen to pack away their wings just yet, still time for one more sortie, some insects like moths and flies are preparing themselves for take-off. Small pests that we take for granted, flies in our kitchen, mosquitos […]

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