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Common Pests Guide

False Widow Spider alert shuts a school they pose a risk?

Sightings of Steatoda nobilis the false widow spider are on the rise. Should we be concerned....not really! Experts say they are not usually aggressive towards humans and being bitten is rare. They are spreading further throughout the UK and already well established in the South of the country. They arrived in the South West in […]

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Killer hybrid bee to help save UK native bees

There are moves afoot to consider crossing honeybees with their more aggressive African cousins to produce a "killer" hybrid which is hardier and more resistant to parasites. Bees have been on the decline for many years in the UK, USA and Europe, Colony Collapse Disorder has left up to a quarter of hives empty in […]

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Mice Control Maidstone

Rats and Mice this year are getting in everywhere, eating and chewing their way through everything that they can get their teeth into. Rats and mice need to chew as their teeth continuously grow. Rats and mice have been very busy around farm buildings, horse stables, picking up those little tit bits that your pets […]

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Bed bugs

Bed bugs are very small but extremely clever keeping us very busy. Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere and can lay undetected for a very long time. This is what makes the bed bug so hard to eradicate. Bed bugs can hop on for a ride wherever you go, then find their way into your […]

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Rats and mice

Rats and mice are causing havoc in lofts everywhere keeping us very busy. This have been due to the very wet weather where the rats and mice are leaving the fields in their droves. Rats and Mice are now knawing through wiring in houses, knawing and chewing through everything in there paths getting your loft […]

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Pest Experience

A couple of months ago i was informed by my School that I have to complete two weeks of work experience, as i sat in my classroom debating on what boring office job awaited me,it finally clicked... I wanted to go and work with Pest Purge, a world away from a boring office job. After […]

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Every cloud has a silver lining...

They may have brought damp and dreary weather but the clouds that have given us such a dreadful start to the summer have a silver lining. Experts believe that the poor weather conditions have helped to keep the number of wasps down, therefore delighting picnickers up and down the country for when the sun does […]

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The flying insect season is upon us

Have you noticed that suddenly your gardens and your air space are starting to get crowded? Full of flying summer insects, wasps, moths, flies, bees, hornets and young birds chasing after the insects. All of them vying for space and seeking out suitable nesting sites to get started colonizing any suitable nook or cranny. Why […]

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Bed Bugs - The UK's #1 Pest....well almost!

Cimex lectularius is going places, this little fellow is poised to steal the lime light. Hannibal Lecter more like it! Already America's #1 pest and fast becoming Britain and the developed world's #1 pest, top of the charts and top of the pops let's hear it for the Bed Bug Boogie. This persistent little bug […]

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Urban myths dispelled - rats on the rampage

Has anyone ever told you that you are never more than six feet away from a rat? If so, do not believe them. This scare tactic is one we don't use to terrify our client's at Pest Purge. There may sometimes seem like a lot of the furry critters around but the reality is that […]

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