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Common Pests Guide

Wasps and bats - unlikely bedfellows

Quite often we visit old buildings, at the owners request to sort out a wasp nest or two. Once we get into a loft space we have to survey the area, checking out nooks and crannies for our guests. The species we often find, living with the wasps and spiders are bats. So far we […]

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Winter Wasps Waking Buzz Buzz Buzz

Last weekend saw some very warm weather for this time of year, Feb 25th 2012, my client had been watching some wasps coming and going about their business under the tiles of his conservatory roof. Last year they had been a proper nuisance, in exactly the same place, invading his conservatory and messing with his […]

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Grey Squirrel Leaping

There I was in a loft pondering the nesting material that a squirrel had arranged in a flower pot lying on its side close to the soffit. The bedding material was also under some carpet and lino which I had moved to one side. I was crouched down, kneeling, my knees spread between two rafters, […]

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Rats on Rooftops

My client, relaxing in her lounge, looked out and watched a rat run along the guttering and shuffle off across the flat roof next to her window. Time to call in the Rat catcher. The problem it appeared lay beneath the apartment in a tool shed and double garage. Time for some pest control against […]

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We recently added to our vermin control equipment an infrared night sight which has been superb for clearing rabbit and fox numbers. As we do not need to put any lights on to find them so they are not aware that we are watching them. Rabbits watch out Pest Purge are about.

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Squirrels damage loft space.

We were recently called out to a house where the owner had been hearing a lot of noise in the ceiling void above their lounge. It had been going on for some time. Upon inspection we found the entry point for these bushy tailed pests. A hole had been gnawed in the end of a […]

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Last wasp nest of the season? Or is it?!

It's always noteworthy to remember the first and last nest of the season. After all the rain and cold weather we have had I thought that we had finished with our wasp suits, pumps and treatment sprays. Then on 7th November a call to treat a busy nest in a compost heap, the owner had […]

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Kent pest controllers foiled by bats? Wasps remain at home!

We were called out to inspect the loft space of a large traditional square oast-house near Maidstone. We were excited to find that whist we were looking for the wasp nests in the cavernous attic, Common Pipistrelle were hanging upside down from the rafters under the roof. We were careful not to disturb them. There […]

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Mole Catcher

Moles are keeping us very busy, destroying lawns everywhere, from managed Cricket pitches to your average well kept Garden. Moles can destroy beautiful Lawns and uproot shrubs and plants. Mole hills and tunnels are causing accidents to Man and Mower. We were invited to trap Moles in an immaculate private garden in Kent, the owner […]

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Wasp nest removal

We removed a wasp nest from a loft - it was huge about twice the size of a football. When we first treated the wasp nest there were thousands of insects entering the loft from a broken tile on the roof.

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