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Deadly Rat disease found on a British farm

Huntavirus has been confirmed by scientists, after a man was diagnosed with the potentially deadly disease, he survived to brag about it to his mates. Probably contracted by breathing in the dust from rodent droppings or urine. This is the first time that it has been found in rats in the UK (2012). So far it has only been found in Yorkshire the Humber region; it may have arrived from Asia on trade ships. The deadly virus causes haemorrhagic fever and influenza-like symptoms. Several Roland Rats were trapped on his farm and at his house and were confirmed to be carrying the same strain of disease. The Health Protection Agency is monitoring the situation and keen to learn how wide ranging this problem has become. Other nasties carried by our furry friends include weil?s disease (a potentially deadly form of leptospirosis contracted from rat urine), salmonellosis, plague (transmitted by the rat flea ? luckily not commonplace around Maidstone since it killed half the UK?s population in the Middle Ages), tetanus, rat bite fevers and murine typhus are some of the hottest pathogens. Less ?heroic illnesses? include ringworm, mites, nematodes, tapeworms, ticks and fleas (hardly worth bragging about?.stick to the premier league diseases for entertaining your mates down the pub with survival stories. To avoid them all, call Pest Purge and get them eradicated for good.

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