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Every cloud has a silver lining...

They may have brought damp and dreary weather but the clouds that have given us such a dreadful start to the summer have a silver lining. Experts believe that the poor weather conditions have helped to keep the number of wasps down, therefore delighting picnickers up and down the country for when the sun does finally decide to show its face. The low temperatures, downpours and high winds have been met with a decrease of small insects on which wasps feed their broods, at a crucial time in this pest's life cycle. This is good news for everyone (except us pest controllers) as it is believed that by the time the weather improves...if it improves, then there are expected to be a fewer number of wasps to previous years. Dr Hugh Tilley from the Royal Entomological Society said, It is fair to say that wasps will have suffered in this weather. At this time of year, if they don't get nutrition from other insects it is harder for them to survive. And if those other insects aren't showing their heads and taking flight, it is very difficult for predatory insects to forage. It will have a knock-on effect on the amount of brood they are able to produce and therefore the next generation". The rain will also mean a decrease in Butterflies and Ladybirds this summer and Bees are finding it hard too with late blooming of flowers and therefore some of their colonies are facing starvation. April may have been the wettest on record, but my gosh are we in for some brilliant floral displays! Trouble is... May and June were not a lot better.

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