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Fox Control Maidstone

These rural and urban pests are common throughout the country. Everywhere you go you will encounter foxes somewhere nearby.

Pest Purge has contracts with farmers to remove them as well as working with homeowners who want them out of their gardens.

We understand wildlife as we are experienced rural pest controllers.

It is important to understand their behaviour and lifestyle in order to successfully trap and remove foxes that have become a pest.

Cage trapping is a common method of control and the traps will need to be checked twice a day to ensure that any captured animal does not suffer any distress.

Another method which Pest Purge uses is shooting at night time.

We are licensed Firearms Certificate holders, expert marksmen, and used to using a rifle equipped with a sound moderator and infrared night sight.

This enables us to see the animal in the dark in order to humanely despatch it.

Foxes will scavenge for food, in towns they will occasionally empty bins and in the wild they will eat most things, as omnivores their diet is varied and includes small mammals, birds, mice, rabbits, fruit, vegetables, worms, grubs and reptiles.

They are very adaptable and successful at living in close proximity to humans. Unfortunately, when they get too close and too familiar is when they become a problem.

They pose a small risk to pets, dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, hens and guinea pigs left out at night, all are fair game to a hungry fox. They do not pose a threat to adults or children.

They are naturally wary of humans, except in our urban environments where they are very bold and used to moving around in the daytime in search of food.

Normally foxes are nocturnal preferring to roam around under the cover of darkness.

Pest Purge has found that dealing with fox problems in towns and villages can be controversial as many people like to see them as well as feeding and encouraging them.

It is quite likely that you may wish to get rid of them and your neighbour feels the complete opposite, enjoying watching them, having adopted them.

Foxes will set up home under sheds, garages, decking and in overgrown gardens.

Once established in the area they will establish a territory.

Their population remains fairly constant.

If you remove a fox it will be replaced by several rivals.

Competition for territory means more fighting, more noise and fouling of gardens.

This is because calling and scent marking are used to lay claim to a territory.

Due to the relatively large numbers of urban foxes local councils will not get involved in removing them.

If you have a fox problem call Pest Purge to get some professional help.

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