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Holidaying in the UK or abroad, how to avoid Bed bugs!

With spring well and truly sprung, and summer just around the corner, our thoughts turn to holidays and travelling. It is time to pack our bags and head-off to paradise for a summer break. So whether you will be staying in a five star hotel, rented house, B & B or caravan; here are some tips to avoid bed bugs which may be sharing your digs with you.

Bed bugs live on or in mattresses, check the seams for any spots or stains, often at the corners or along the edge where your head rests. If you see any suspicious signs, demand a change of room, your money back or look for alternative accommodation. Do not stay in that room or the chances are you may be bitten.

In any accommodation the most likely place for bedbugs to live is in the bedroom. Inspect the room thoroughly, before unpacking, paying special attention to looking behind the headboard, bedside cabinets and on the carpet or flooring immediately under the top or the bed. Also, if you have chairs or sofas in the room, inspect these too.

In hotels, use the foldaway table, unpack your case off the floor, stow it away in a wardrobe or high off the floor. There will be less chance a wandering bed bug will inadvertently stow away with you when you pack to return home. Or take a dustbin-bag with you and put your case in this whist you are away.
When you get back home inspect your case for bugs, vacuum it out before storing it. If you have a hand steam cleaner use this to steam your luggage, this will kill and bed bugs or eggs that may have hitched a ride home.

Wash all of your clothing at high temperature before hanging clothes in wardrobes or placing in drawers, this will kill any adults and eggs that may have travelled home with you.
Bed bugs are hitch-hiking masters, this is how they travel and get around. If you change rooms in a hotel make sure you are not given a room immediately above, below or adjacent to the one you were in, their relatives may be hiding out next door! They may have hitched on a house-keeping trolley, or through wall sockets. If an infestation is spreading to neighbouring rooms, it is often in those closest to the source.

Be vigilant and inspect hotel rooms close to airports. These are often full all year round with people staying for just one night before flying away; their high occupancy rates means bed bugs are very common in these establishments.

Remember, any accommodation is susceptible to bed bugs, other people inadvertently carry them in, and most hotels have suffered from them at some stage.

My top tip is do none of these things, the chances of you being in the same room as a few bedbugs is statistically small and therefore you should not be worried (unless you wake up with a bug on you or see signs of biting on your body)! Enjoy your holidays and remember that if you do bring them back to your home in Kent, Pest Purge has the knowledge and expertise to get rid of them for you. Night night, sleep tight!

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