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Last wasp nest of the season? Or is it?!

It's always noteworthy to remember the first and last nest of the season. After all the rain and cold weather we have had I thought that we had finished with our wasp suits, pumps and treatment sprays. Then on 7th November a call to treat a busy nest in a compost heap, the owner had been turning it over and their dog had been stung several times. Out to the rescue and armed with our trusty Ficam D, the situation was quickly resolved and the wasps are no more. Could there possibly be any more calls to treat wasps or will the remaining nests be left to quieten down of their own accord as part of the seasonal cycle that ensures they remain dormant until next spring, when once the weather warms up the Queen wasp seeks out a suitable nesting site to start the process over again and build a new nest.

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