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Where do all the flies go in winter?

Flies are around all year, hiding from the cold during the depths of winter which is why we do not see them very much....can you blame them. People often wonder why fly problems seem to lessen as we approach the winter months, this is because the drop in temperature affects their breeding, development and lifecycle, […]

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Robots and automation are helping to fuel biodiversity

In these modern times tree planting should not be left to chance. Or as Matt Damon said in The Martian, "In the face of overwhelming odds, I'm left with only one option. I'm gonna have to science the shit out of this." So let's apply some science and see what we can muster. On a […]

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Wasps out of season in England but very busy in Australia!

Wasps are presently overwintering here in the UK, or at least the Queen is, hibernating in a warm nest in aloft somewhere nearby. In spring she will emerge and set off to start a new colony somewhere new. In Australia it is their summer and the wasp season is fully underway with wasps busy building […]

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Covid-19 December 2020 Update

During the ongoing Covid pandemic, pest controllers are classified as key workers by Defra (Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) and remain authorised to work, both indoors and outdoors too, for private homeowners and commercial clients. As key workers, pest controllers can move about freely to treat pest outbreaks and infestations but must do […]

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Our new Covid-19 approach to working safely

We have just completed a second national lockdown and we are now in a regional county wide tiered system. Kent has been classified into tier 3 with the strictest restrictions in place and some of the worst statistics for infection and transmission rates. We are still key workers so can move about freely to treat […]

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How to deal with summer pests

There’s nothing nicer than enjoying the outside world and watching nature come to life on a balmy summer’s day. But the mood can quickly be ruined if you’re swatting a fly from your barbecued sausages, fishing out a wasp from your drink or being chased round the garden by a bee. Whether you’re at home […]

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How rodents can destroy a farm

A farm is a paradise for pests, particularly rodents. With plenty of open space, warm shelter, animal feed and crops, there’s not much more a rat or mouse could wish for. It can be difficult to imagine that these small creatures can be much of a problem in an environment that is designed for animals. […]

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How do I know if I have a rat problem?

If you suspect there might be rats on your premises, you’ll want to tackle them fast. Rats not only constantly urinate to mark their territory, but they may also carry a number of serious diseases such as Weil’s disease, salmonella and listeria, posing a significant public health risk. What are the signs of a rat? […]

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How to keep pests away from an empty property

There are many reasons why business premises, holiday lets and rental properties may lie dormant from time to time; seasonality, a gap in tenancy - or a global pandemic, of course! Unfortunately, these types of empty buildings are a 5* hotel for a whole host of pests providing shelter, protection from predators, and even gourmet, […]

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Wasps are great, why we should learn to love wasps..

It's that time of year again, wasps and hornets are starting to fly around in sizable numbers, outside we will be spotting them all the time along with bees and other summer flying insects. Worldwide there are 110,000 different wasp species, less than a third have developed the power to sting, so the majority are […]

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