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Red Tractor – and how you can keep your paperwork in order

Running a farm is busy enough, without taking time out to do the paperwork, but that’s where Pest Purge comes in. Unlike the farmers, we quite like the paper trail and know how to fill it all in for audit, assessment and to keep your records updated and accurate. If you’re doing it yourself, here […]

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A modern solution to rat problems

Pest control without poison is now achievable. In the US authorities have been trialling a new bait called ContraPest to tackle rat infestations in New York and some East Coast cities. The bait stops female rats from having pups by making them infertile by triggering early menopause and affects male rats by impairing sperm production. […]

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Holidaying in the UK or abroad, how to avoid Bed bugs!

With spring well and truly sprung, and summer just around the corner, our thoughts turn to holidays and travelling. It is time to pack our bags and head-off to paradise for a summer break. So whether you will be staying in a five star hotel, rented house, B & B or caravan; here are some […]

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Rat surprise in restaurant

The headlines from a popular daily newspaper jumped out at me "Waiter there's a rat on my head" Pest drops on lady at top eaterie. It's shock and gnaw.? With a picture of a rat in the bottom corner poking his head out from his hiding place. How good is that, from a pest control […]

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Pest Control in Maidstone

Pest Purge offer pest control Maidstone Kent and pretty much all over Kent generally. If you are looking for specialist pest control then please call us. We regularly cover the following areas:- Pest Control Maidstone Pest Control Medway Pest Control Tonbridge Pest Control Canterbury Pest Control Kent Commercial Pest Control

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Wasps, love them or loathe them? - Pest Control

Pest Purge is getting calls on a daily basis to eradicate your wasps. Often you will see them dive-bombing and showing off with their aerial acrobatics, whizzing around your garden. By the end of the season, there may be as many as 20,000 yellow-jackets living in your loft, rent free. Talk about free-loaders! Get them […]

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Ancient pest cures... probably best forgotten!

A fat, middle aged fox caught in the autumn was considered to have a wide range of healing powers. Time has long forgotten some of the mysteries surrounding the alleged curative properties of animal parts. You may wince at the list of palliative charms our ancestors used. Musk deer secretion is good for cardiac, circulatory […]

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Bedbugs - How to get rid of Bedbugs

How about some space age technology to help fight the bedbugs. Pest Purge can use all the help it can get as the bedbugs are out in force! Bedbugs are the pestilance of modern man, they are crafty and have learnt to adapt to modern living, sucking our blood while we sleep and avoiding easy […]

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Bed Bugs are tough to treat... but they can be killed!

I am often asked if I will guarantee bed bug treatments, "No" is the answer. They are difficult to treat but can be eradicated as long as a thorough approach is taken. My best advice is:Treat all residual insecticides as if they are contact sprays, in reality the residual element is minimal and short lived.Fogging […]

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Pest control services in Kent

Did you know that we treat numerous infestations of rats and mice during the winter months to keep rodents at bay? In addition to these pests we also treat cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, psocids, earwigs, flying beetles, crawling beetles, flies, ants, spiders, moles, squirrels, foxes, rabbits and birds. As well as traditional trapping techniques for […]

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