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Bird Pests, seagulls like eating rubbish

Did you know that seagulls are starting to change their diets? Some seagulls that have been studied over many years have shifted their diet from their traditional fish to land based diets and less nutritious food. Basically this switch to eating rubbish from our landfill sites has increased as fish stocks in some areas have […]

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Residential Pest Biodiversity - Meet The Lodgers

The German cockroach lives in buildings, cheek and jowl with us, outside it dies. African in origin it probably inhabited caves as many cockroach species do. It spread successfully around the globe following ancient man everywhere he went, being a pest and causing a nuisance. In the early 1990's, cockroach baits, attractive sugar treats laced […]

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Rat census, how many rats are there in the UK?

How many rats are there in Britain and is it true that we're never more than six feet away from one? For a long time it was estimated that there was one rat for every person in the UK. Urban myth or fact? Dr Dave Cowan a wildlife leader at the Food and Environment Research […]

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Wasp & Hornet Season Hotting Up

Once again we are starting to see wasps and hornets flying around, going about their business, nest making, pollinating and catching other insects. All fine until they want to join in with our BBQ?s, the smell of sweet relish, cooked sausages and jugs of Pims are all fair game for our yellow and black jacketed […]

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The Lord works in mysterious ways !

Well, I have heard of pulling rabbits out of top hats but whether I could achieve the same thing with a pigeon and a chimney was another matter. A lady Vicar was concerned that a pigeon had fallen down the chimney in her study and was stuck. Obviously this bird problem needed some prompt action. […]

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Seven steps to prevent unwanted pests

These are our top tips for keeping pests away. Do not attract pests to your premises. Maintain a clean environment, good housekeeping is the key. Rodents and cockroaches are opportunists; they love food spillages, clean up quickly. Keep your external bin and waste area tidy. Make your premises pest proof. Maintain a good standard of […]

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Two winged trouble, flies can be a problem waiting to happen

Summertime seems a far distant cry, but have you noticed the odd fly is still bombing around, not keen to pack away their wings just yet, still time for one more sortie, some insects like moths and flies are preparing themselves for take-off. Small pests that we take for granted, flies in our kitchen, mosquitos […]

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Killer hybrid bee to help save UK native bees

There are moves afoot to consider crossing honeybees with their more aggressive African cousins to produce a "killer" hybrid which is hardier and more resistant to parasites. Bees have been on the decline for many years in the UK, USA and Europe, Colony Collapse Disorder has left up to a quarter of hives empty in […]

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Deadly Rat disease found on a British farm

Huntavirus has been confirmed by scientists, after a man was diagnosed with the potentially deadly disease, he survived to brag about it to his mates. Probably contracted by breathing in the dust from rodent droppings or urine. This is the first time that it has been found in rats in the UK (2012). So far […]

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Bed Bug Control Raises Health Concerns

Bed bugs are becoming a really serious health issue and there is real concern for public safety. One of the reasons is the poor level of knowledge of a certain number of pest controllers who fail to follow the all so important, product Labelling and bed bugs chemical Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information that […]

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