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Lone hornet seeks revenge!

Last night we were out hunting for foxes on a local pheasant shoot for the gamekeeper. Around 11pm we were getting ready to continue the evening when a hornet (later identified as a European Hornet or Vespa Crabro to give him his proper Latin name) flew straight into our Landrover and immediately stung me on […]

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Wasp nest removal

We removed a wasp nest from a loft - it was huge about twice the size of a football. When we first treated the wasp nest there were thousands of insects entering the loft from a broken tile on the roof.

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Wasps have now stung the builder. Pest purge were called and arrived within two hours. There were five wasp nests found around the property in various locations, these were swiftly dealt with. The builder is ok but his arm is very swollen. He is now taking a week off to go Fishing.

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Pestpurge Launches New Website!

The new site includes high definition pictures of all your common pests along with a light hearted explanation about them. As the wasp season is now in full swing groups of wasps are active around the roof tops and in hedgerows. Also look out for nests in the ground. We are also being kept busy […]

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