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Pest Fumigation Kent

Rodent Pest Control Treatment

We will undertake an initial survey and risk assessment to identify the species involved, cause and extent of the infestation. It may be a lone squirrel in your roof space; a rat’s nest in your garden shed or a mouse in your store cupboard. Once identified, we will review entry and access points for the rodents.

We will install bait stations and traps in suitable locations to begin the treatment. We would visit in one weeks time to review how successful the initial treatment has been and to recommend further action and any new applications we think may be effective. All bait traps and any spring traps must not be tampered with. Any dead rodent bodies will be removed immediately once we are notified.

Wasps Nest Treatment

One of our busiest problems, attending to wasp nests, throughout the spring, summer and autumn periods. Do not tackle the nest yourself as wasps become very angry and excited once they have been sprayed with insecticidal dust. We use professional application equipment and beekeeper suits for our own protection for these reasons.

We also use professional pesticidal treatments which contaminate the nest, so any wasps inside the nest and any returning to it later will be killed within a 24 hour period. We ask that you avoid the treated area for a period of 48 hours.

Wasp Infestation

Insect Pest Control Treatment

All our bug treatments for fleas, bedbugs, moths, ants, cockroaches, flies and beetles use professional incecticidal chemicals as part of the treatment. Infestations can vary greatly both inside and outside the property. Our initial survey will comprehensively review the extent of the problem and we will provide a treatment plan that will deliver a solution. Some of these pests can be difficult to eradicate and may involve successive repeat treatments.

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