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Rabbit Control

Pest purge are highly experienced in dealing with these rural pests, we can use a variety of traditional techniques, including, snaring, cage trapping, spring trapping, drop boxes, shooting and ferreting.

All of these require special training and in the case of shooting, the legal authorisation to use a rifle which we have from Kent Police. Rabbits are a serious pest to farmers and gardeners.

Problems Rabbits Can Cause To Businesses

They can ruin an agricultural or small holding business. We have even had to eradicate them when they gained entrance to council allotments and were eating all the produce! Pest Purge has annual contracts with farms, vineyards and private estates to control rabbits where they are a real threat to business. For these contracts we may combine ferreting through the winter with shooting all year round to keep their numbers down. On one recent contract we have removed over 100 rabbits from a farm starting a new growing venture.

Problems Rabbits Can Cause To Homeowners

For the homeowner in the countryside the rabbit will be seen as a pest when they invade gardens and eat expensive plants, they will also ruin shrubs and kill young trees as they nibble around the trunk stripping the bark, allowing disease to enter and the tree to die. Your vegetables will be a key target. Rabbits will dig burrows to live in but they will also live under sheds, garages, decking, barns and out-buildings.

They also live on the surface where there is sufficient ground cover and protection from the elements. Rabbit numbers will increase quickly as their breeding life-cycle is very fast, they will produce many young and all are mobile and capable of causing damage immediately.

Wild Rabbit Breeding Habits

Rabbits also breed all year round, now we have much milder weather, the seasonal temperature is less dramatic and this encourages them to breed even during the winter months. Pest Purge is well equipped to tackle your rabbit problem, for a cost effective quote give us a call and we can discuss the various options available. We can provide and install rabbit proof fencing or proofing for individual pants and trees.

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