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Rat surprise in restaurant

The headlines from a popular daily newspaper jumped out at me "Waiter there's a rat on my head" Pest drops on lady at top eaterie. It's shock and gnaw.? With a picture of a rat in the bottom corner poking his head out from his hiding place.

How good is that, from a pest control point of view you couldn?t make it up. Hilarious I thought.
My mind imagining how a high class London restaurant, frequented by the rich and famous could have allowed this event to happen. I needed to buy this paper and read on, pest control nirvana.
Momentarily side-tracked from paying for my fuel, I purchased the paper.

It appears that a baby rat had fallen from the ceiling and bounced off a diner?s head, pink and hairless, it had been in a nest on some exposed pipe work, part of the industrial d?cor of the restaurant.

I thought that the reporter handled it brilliantly, there was another whole page devoted to it with a picture of the dead baby rat on the diners table and a shot of the packed restaurant with a cartoon rat announcing, ?I recommend the bubble and squeak.? There was also a fun menu with a rat design at the top offering Rat-a-chewy and other tasty offerings.
Apparently a woman screamed in terror when a live rat fell on her head as she ate at a top London restaurant. The fall killed the rat which was hastily cleared away by staff. The woman?s group was given ?450 off their bill by the restaurant, which insisted the bald creature was a mouse. Other pest control commentators suggested that the picture that had been taken was more likely to be a baby rat.

Compensation was offered and accepted and the restaurant commentated that it was an isolated incident with no future risk to its customers.
That will be fine then, incident over, I laughed to myself. Food, restaurant, health and safety, diners, expensive, hygiene, food safety management, pest control?.blah, blah, blah.

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