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Rat and Vermin Control Maidstone

These are some of the most common pests that Pest Purge is equipped to deal with.

The main problems associated with them both at home and in businesses include damage to stock, wiring and electrics including structural damage to the building fabric and the key concern that everybody has is their potential to spread disease.

Rats and mice are a health hazard; call in Pest Purge as soon as you see signs of activity.

If left unchecked their numbers will increase and their potential for causing widespread costly damage will multiply greatly.

Vermin Health Risk

The health risk they pose is caused by their droppings contaminating things, rats are responsible for weils disease, the plague and hantavirus, all of them liable to cause serious illness if contracted.

When do Rats enter properties?

Often Rats and mice enter properties on a seasonal basis, as the weather cools down they will seek out somewhere warm to stay with a good food source nearby.

Both rodents will head for the loft once they are inside, often they are quiet and warm and they can forage around and remain undisturbed.

Usually the first sign will be the sound of them on your ceiling as you lie awake at night wondering what is up there.

Professional Vermin Control

Pest Purge are experienced at removing rodents from your home or business, we use professional rodenticides to bait the animals and we can safely deploy baits around your garden or premises in sealed containers which are effective and which pose no risk to pets or other non-target species.

We can also trap them for you, removing the risk of them dying somewhere and leaving a foul odour to be dealt with.

Trapping is another option with spring traps designed to kill the rodent instantly and humanely.

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