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Rats on Rooftops

My client, relaxing in her lounge, looked out and watched a rat run along the guttering and shuffle off across the flat roof next to her window. Time to call in the Rat catcher. The problem it appeared lay beneath the apartment in a tool shed and double garage. Time for some pest control against public enemy number one!

Ratus Norwegicus, Brown Rat, Norway Rat, Sewer Rat or plain old Common Rat, whatever you like to call him he is still one of our most unpleasant pests. Once you see rats running around in the open, boldly and in the daytime, it is time to call in the experts and exercise a little pest control.

A site survey identified some entry points in a ragstone wall with some well used runs. There were plenty of smear marks, smooth surfaces and lots of droppings. Bags of bone marrow fertiliser had been broken into and there were plenty of entry and exit points into and out of the garage. The building was a des-res for these Kent rats.

Bait stations, open trays and spring traps were all utilised. Within ten days we had made an impact, after three weeks no more rats had been seen running around. A number of dead rodents had been cleared away during the treatment and the remaining bait was removed. Another successful job for the Ratcatcher.

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