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Seven steps to prevent unwanted pests

These are our top tips for keeping pests away.

  1. Do not attract pests to your premises. Maintain a clean environment, good housekeeping is the key. Rodents and cockroaches are opportunists; they love food spillages, clean up quickly. Keep your external bin and waste area tidy.
  2. Make your premises pest proof. Maintain a good standard of repair, block any obvious holes. In obvious entrances use bristle strips and fly screens.
  3. Prompt action. With fleas and bed bugs early detection is essential, keep a diary to record activity levels and sightings; it will help us to be successful.
  4. Training. Give your staff some basic pest awareness training so they can report any suspicious signs of activity teach them how to spot issues that will save you money in lost revenue or spoilt goods.
  5. Know your limitations. DIY products are what they say for the enthusiastic 'want to be controller'. Pest Purge use professionally authorised products that are stronger and more effective.
  6. Make the best use of your pest controller. A contract will mean regular visits and early prevention or action. Follow any recommendations that are given.
  7. Always use a professional. Use a company that is accredited to the BPCA and BASIS PROMPT register. Pest Purge subscribe to both of these and are fully insured.

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