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Squirrels damage loft space.

We were recently called out to a house where the owner had been hearing a lot of noise in the ceiling void above their lounge. It had been going on for some time. Upon inspection we found the entry point for these bushy tailed pests. A hole had been gnawed in the end of a soffit at one corner of the property. There was also a lot of squirrel poo in the loft, sound evidence of Mr Grey Squirrel. The house was a bungalow and had an enormous loft that covered the whole of the floor plan. The squirrels had chewed, eaten and pulled the felt away from the roof, exposing the bare ridge tiles and leaving the house vulnerable to the elements with the risk of water getting in and causing further damage. Our strategy was to trap the squirrels in spring traps (Fenn Mark 6) which we carefully positioned around the loft in different places, covered with wooden tunnels and baited with crunchy peanutbutter (everyones favourite!), within a two week period we had successfully trapped four squirrels. We sealed the hole up with wire to prevent any new pests from entering. A good outcome for the owner who was finally able to get a good nights sleep without having any more nightmares about squirrels getting out of the loft and invading the rooms below.

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