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Squirrels Pest Control Maidstone

An agile pest that is often found invading loft spaces.

A great climber, you may have seen them on your garden fence or on the roof of your house, be careful to keep a watchful eye out to make sure they are not getting inside.

They will find a way, under a tile or by chewing a hole in the soffit, once inside they will make themselves comfortable and start nesting.

Squirrels like rats need a daily source of water so they will return outside on a regular basis to drink?

Pest Purge are used to identifying and removing squirrels as a domestic pest, their droppings differ from those of rats and mice and they will also leave distinct gnawing marks on the roof joists.

Squirrels like rats and mice, will all gnaw things continuously. This is because it is how they keep their teeth trimmed, if they did not do this their teeth would grow too long and the animal would eventually starve.

If you can hear a loud noise in your loft running around then the likely cause will be a squirrel has got in.

Especially if you live in a rural location bordering woodland or out in the sticks.

But even in semi-rural locations on the edges of our towns squirrels will be thriving?

Squirrels can be a problem in the garden, competing with the birds and destroying feeders, they will also dig around, eating bulbs and making food stores for the winter.

In the loft the damage may be more severe, chewing, wiring, electrics, internet and telephone cables and pipework, expensive if you need to call in an electrician or plumber to fix things?

Pest Purge can trap them professionally; this is the most humane way of dealing with them.

You are not allowed to trap and release them somewhere else as they are not an indigenous species and must be destroyed on site.

We have been professionally trapping squirrels for many years and with a variety of specialist equipment designed to attract and entrap the animals quickly and humanely.

Give us a call for a friendly and professional service.

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