Wasps, love them or loathe them? - Pest Control

Pest Purge is getting calls on a daily basis to eradicate your wasps. Often you will see them dive-bombing and showing off with their aerial acrobatics, whizzing around your garden. By the end of the season, there may be as many as 20,000 yellow-jackets living in your loft, rent free. Talk about free-loaders! Get them out, get them evicted vamoose.

The best spotting sites will be up under tile roofs (one of their favourites), facias, soffits, potting sheds and garages. They also like holes in the ground, shrubs and trees. If you are going up into your loft you will often see them flying around, attracted by the light, don't hang around, give me a call and a chance to be stung!

There are three main reasons for killing wasps; the first is because we can, the second is because they can sting you and the third is because they spoil our penchant for al fresco dining.
Wasps have no rights, as winged insects, like you and I. We can enjoy the right to roam, go to the pub and visit friends. Wasps prefer to fly rather than walk, they dive into beer and they have no friends. Enough said!

Wasp stings can be painful, even fatal. If you are stung by a wasp, you will likely be dead in 20 minutes if you have a severe allergic reaction which goes unaided. Some people only experience a mild reaction to the sting, feeling just a small prick. Others suffer varying degrees of discomfort from mild, Third Division, through to the Premiere League 'anaphylactic shock', a sudden and massive immune reaction to the venom. Either way, whether your reaction is mild or severe, it pays to be cautious and keep your distance. If you are going to swat, be accurate, missing only makes them wilder.

The issue of wasps dining with us is significant. Have you noticed that within five seconds of laying the table outside, wasps are gathering and circling around, eyeing up your lobster sandwiches, the mouth-watering glass of sauvignon blanc and your fruity syllabub dessert. Their formation flying now takes on more purpose, their mission is to get you to abandon your food and get stuck-in for themselves. What treats we serve up for them, all manner of entomological digestive delights. The answer is to eat under a large army surplus mosquito net, safe from their formation flying and out of harms way. If you don't have access to army surplus, try navy or air force or better still eat indoors, on a tray in front of the telly.

For discreet but effective wasp nest removal contact Richard Lee at Pest Purge. All squadrons of wasps and hornets dealt with.
PS Keep your eyes peeled for the Asian Hornet, soon to be arriving in the UK, it's big, like a Lancaster bomber, you will not miss it if it flies past.

Bedbugs - How to get rid of Bedbugs

How about some space age technology to help fight the bedbugs. Pest Purge can use all the help it can get as the bedbugs are out in force! Bedbugs are the pestilance of modern man, they are crafty and have learnt to adapt to modern living, sucking our blood while we sleep and avoiding easy detection by being busy in the depths of night and due to their miniscule size.

Bedbugs believe it or not feature as part of the spin-off from the Rosetta space mission where we landed on a comet, part of the array of experiments and equipment on board included a gas chromagraph to separate out organic compounds on the surface of the comet, and a mass spectrometer to compare them with those found on Earth (called Ptolemy). A small portable bedbug detector that sniffs out the chemical signals they send to one another. Named APOLLO, the new bedbug detector being developed by a collaborative team is no bigger than a shoebox. A case of sniffing, separating and detecting. Bedbugs release pheromones to attract mates and to act as a warning to other bedbugs, APOLLO will hopefully be the latest innovation to track them down.

This bedbug monitor is being trialed in hotels in Manchester. For down-to-earth support in Kent to fight your bedbugs, call Pest Purge and get rid of them permanently.

Bed Bugs are tough to treat... but they can be killed!

I am often asked if I will guarantee bed bug treatments, "No" is the answer. They are difficult to treat but can be eradicated as long as a thorough approach is taken.

My best advice is:
Treat all residual insecticides as if they are contact sprays, in reality the residual element is minimal and short lived.
Fogging applications only drive the bed bugs deeper into their harbourage. Also, it is difficult for it to penetrate deep into tiny crevices where they may be hiding.

The best and most effective control in my experience comes from cooperation between the client and pest controller carrying out the treatment, the effectiveness of the treatment and management plan will ultimately depend on the level of consumer cooperation and this will ultimately determine the outcome.

Once a treatment has been carried out, if a re-treatment is required, you should wait for four weeks before retreating with a different formulation, alternating between a pyrethroid and carbonate insecticide formulation.

You should seek specialist advice if you think that you have bed bugs and call in a professional like Pest Purge as soon as any signs are spotted.

Pest control services in Kent

Did you know that we treat numerous infestations of rats and mice during the winter months to keep rodents at bay? In addition to these pests we also treat cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, psocids, earwigs, flying beetles, crawling beetles, flies, ants, spiders, moles, squirrels, foxes, rabbits and birds. As well as traditional trapping techniques for rural pest control, we are licensed and insured to shoot with firearms and to gas rabbits and moles. We also carry out ferreting to clear rabbits from gardens and farms. In the summer months we are busy removing all manner of flying insects, wasps and hornets can be a particular nuisance (look out for the arrival of the Asian Hornet, any time soon from China).

We provide pest control services to care facilities, shops, restaurants, commercial premises and farms. We offer free advice and do not charge for surveys or call outs when we need to inspect your pest problem. We also provide proofing services for the treatment of rodents, where they have chewed or burrowed into a property. This ensures that holes are blocked and re-entry is impossible through the same route.

Contact us for some help today, leaving a problem is likely to mean that it may get worse and you could incur additional costs to remove it. Be vigilant, address the problem early on.