Pest control services in Kent

Did you know that we treat numerous infestations of rats and mice during the winter months to keep rodents at bay? In addition to these pests we also treat cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, psocids, earwigs, flying beetles, crawling beetles, flies, ants, spiders, moles, squirrels, foxes, rabbits and birds. As well as traditional trapping techniques for rural pest control, we are licensed and insured to shoot with firearms and to gas rabbits and moles. We also carry out ferreting to clear rabbits from gardens and farms. In the summer months we are busy removing all manner of flying insects, wasps and hornets can be a particular nuisance (look out for the arrival of the Asian Hornet, any time soon from China).

We provide pest control services to care facilities, shops, restaurants, commercial premises and farms. We offer free advice and do not charge for surveys or call outs when we need to inspect your pest problem. We also provide proofing services for the treatment of rodents, where they have chewed or burrowed into a property. This ensures that holes are blocked and re-entry is impossible through the same route.

Contact us for some help today, leaving a problem is likely to mean that it may get worse and you could incur additional costs to remove it. Be vigilant, address the problem early on.