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The flying insect season is upon us

Have you noticed that suddenly your gardens and your air space are starting to get crowded? Full of flying summer insects, wasps, moths, flies, bees, hornets and young birds chasing after the insects. All of them vying for space and seeking out suitable nesting sites to get started colonizing any suitable nook or cranny. Why are they a problem, well for starters flies can contaminate foodstuffs, bluebottles and house flies are never really welcome and moths like the brown house moth and the common clothes moth will soon scoff holes in your best cashmere jumper and leather jacket. Wasps and hornets are the real scary ones, noisy and showing off with their aerial displays, dive bombing the BBQ and searching out a nice cold Magners or a jug of Pimms to quench their thirst. Worse still if they happen to take a serious dislike to you and actually sting you, just the ticket to spoil a lovely summer garden party. We can come along and move them on, whoever has overstepped the mark, Pest Purge have the technology, the wit and charm to remove them safely without a fuss, keeping your event pest free. It must work; we have never had a complaint from any pest that we have extradited. We are tolerant of small disturbances but will intervene when insects get out of hand. Now where did I put my tongs?!

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