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Two winged trouble, flies can be a problem waiting to happen

Summertime seems a far distant cry, but have you noticed the odd fly is still bombing around, not keen to pack away their wings just yet, still time for one more sortie, some insects like moths and flies are preparing themselves for take-off. Small pests that we take for granted, flies in our kitchen, mosquitos spoiling your autumn walk - you get the picture. Not every fly is a disaster but it just maybe. They are small but the severity of the problems they can cause can be considerably larger. So what are we wining about? The main culprits are houseflies, blowflies, cluster flies, fruit flies, drain flies and wasps (in the summer months).

From our years of research and life based PhD, we have nailed the problem. All of them are a flipping nuisance, who wants flies bombing around your house day in day out, not me thanks, yuk! It's psychologically unsettling. They often carry disease, let's not be alarmist but the worse that could happen is that you will catch a disease and die! Not too bad I hear you say. What about if you own a business and get prosecuted due to mis-managing Mr Fly? Someone decides that you are putting the public's good health at risk. Be careful, this is how a small problem can fast turn into a mighty-big problem. Be vigilant and you will be ok. For free advice on all your related pest problems call Pest Purge, small children excluded

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