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Wasps, Hornets & Bees Control and Nest Removal Maidstone

All three are seasonal insects, more common in the warm spring and summer months.

Wasps, hornets and bees will emerge in the spring to start and colonise and build new nests.

Many people think that they will use old nest sites again, this is not the case.

The nest is only ever used for one season.

Pest Purge treats and removes wasp and hornet nests from properties, both insects can be a real nuisance and a potential source of harm to people and pets if they are stung.

A hornets sting is more powerful, and likely to cause more pain and discomfort if you are unfortunate enough to be stung by one of these insects.

We will endeavour to remove hornet and wasp nests from your property or business within 24 hours of being called, often on the same day.

We know that these insects can disrupt your lifestyle and your business so we will respond quickly when notified.

Wasps and hornets will pollinate plants and eat a lot of insects during the summer.

If the weather is dry and warm the insect life will flourish and the wasps and hornets will be more abundant.

Their nests are beautifully constructed, works of art, made from their saliva and wood that they strip from fences and trees to construct the nest.

There are many species of wasp in the UK but only one type of hornet, the European hornet.

There is likely to be a new visitor from the hornet family arriving in the UK sometime soon, the Asian Hornet.

They are widespread in Europe and France and therefore likely to arrive here imminently.

They will nest high up in the branches of trees and close to water.

They are strong fliers and experts think with a strong breeze they will be able to fly across from France.

They are not welcome and the authorities will urge people to notify them of their arrival if you think you have spotted one or a nest.

They are slightly smaller than the European Hornet and with a darker thorax and yellow legs distinguishing them from their European cousin.

People are sometimes frightened of wasps and hornets, sometimes with good reason.

If the Queen of the nest perceives that the nest is under threat or attack, she will muster her troops and the colony will work together to defend themselves.

This may mean that they will change from being passive to aggressive and will fly out of the nest ready to attack the invading army. (If this invading army happens to be you gardening and you inadvertently stick a fork through a wasp nest in a shrub, you had better move fast to avoid being stung.)

Some people can display an allergic reaction to the poison, in most cases it is never severe but it has proved to be fatal in a small number of cases.

Do not try to deal with wasp or hornet nests yourself, you will be inviting trouble.

Better to call in the professionals.

At Pest Purge we are used to dealing with them from a distance and have the equipment to carry out the work safely with the minimum of fuss.

Be aware that the treatment is not instantaneous, the insecticide we use takes a short while to take effect and to neutralise the colony.

Pest Purge also deals with bees, there are many species of bee in the UK and as they are in decline we are keen to preserve them.

If you have a problem with nuisance bees, call us and we will advise you how we can remove them without destroying them.

Bees are generally passive insects and are unlikely to sting you.

Honeybees are greatly in demand with bee keepers, so if you see a swarm it is likely that a bee keeper will come and collect it for you. We have included some useful contacts below.

Kent Bee Keepers Association

British Bee keepers Association

Natural History Museum insect identification blogs & forums in Nature Plus

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