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Why can’t I get stronger rat/mouse bait?

The availability of large stashes of strong and effective rodenticide has been reduced, to both reduce harm to non-target wildlife and also to improve industry practice.

It’s strong stuff and shouldn’t be used by those who don’t know what they’re doing, and now it can’t – you have to prove you know how to use it before being sold it.

Since the stewardship scheme has been underway in the UK, the supply of professional use only rodenticide has been restricted to those who can demonstrate that they have undertaken proper training in the use of it. This scheme is in force to limit the amount of rodenticide being used and to prevent the secondary poisoning of non-target species.

Baiting for rats 24/7, 365 days a year is not considered best practice and should be avoided. The current practice is to bait with rodenticide when there is a rodent infestation and then once the rodents are under control, use non-toxic monitoring blocks to monitor further activity.

This has meant that for farmers, game keepers and other rural businesses, access to second generation anti-coagulant rodenticides is only available once professional competence has been demonstrated.
In practical terms, this has meant the agricultural dealers and suppliers will no longer sell large tubs of bait (c8kg) or large sacks of bait (c10kg) to anyone just turning up and asking for it. They will now require you to show proof of training from one of the recognised training providers.

This was all partly driven by pressure from Europe and by our own Government who were not happy with rodenticide being freely available to anyone who wanted it, and the subsequent misuse of it when in the hands of untrained ‘amateur’ pest controllers.

The training courses are designed to make people aware of the correct use of the products whilst minimising the risk to non-target species. It will make people aware that they need to follow the label guidelines to the letter of the law. These labels will indicate exactly how and where the products can be used, the correct quantities and for how long baiting with rodenticides is allowed. If the instructions on the label are not followed, you are breaking the law and liable to prosecution for your actions and any consequences arising from the misuse of the product – which could be a costly mistake in terms of finance and reputation.

The label guidelines must be followed and to purchase professional use rodenticides, proper training must be undertaken first.

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